Explore ABUJA: Top 10 Most Popular Landmarks In The Capital City Of ABUJA

Landmarks make it easier for people to find their way around a huge city and could be a major tourist attraction within a city. Here in Abuja these 10 landmarks easily standout serving as reference point for locating places within various Abuja districts.

This is regarded as the entry point into the city center from the Abuja International Airport. It’s the entry point for first time visitors to Abuja especially expatriates into the main districts of Abuja; Asokoro, Wuse, Garki, Maitama and Central Business District. This Icon is presently undergoing a facelift and should be a source of pride to the city.

Famed for hosting major national events such as party conventions, hand over ceremonies, labour day celebrations and independence day celebrations to name a few the Eagle Square is one of Nigeria’s most symbolic icons you can’t miss it if you happen to be driving through the so called three arms zone or the national secretariat.

The biggest shopping Plaza in Abuja, Banex has a bus stop named after it and hardly anyone who has had anything to do in Abuja’s city center is oblivious of this land mark.

The ABUJA National Stadium built in 2003 at a whopping cost of N38 billion remains one of the biggest and easily most recognised monuments in Abuja. Of late it has been at the receiving end of neglect suffering from dilapidation but it still remains one of Abuja’s easily recognised Icons.  


The Millennium Park is the largest public park of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and is located in the Maitama district of the city. The Millennium Park was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on 4 December 2003. It’s located near to the former Presidential Palace close to the nucleus of presidential and administrative buildings of the city. People from far and wide visit the millennium park on weekends and public holidays as it makes a name for itself as the most popular relaxation spot within Abuja attracting massive number of visitors from far and wide.

Mention Cinemas or Abuja’s best place for a hangout and you shouldn’t be surprised if anyone replies Silverbird. This 5 storey gigantic Mall and entertainment center is a landmark that you should know about specifically if you’re looking for a fun place to hang out with friends on a visit to town or you happen to be on a visit to Abuja and you’re bored.


The mosque is located in the capital city, Abuja, and is situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Center. It includes a library and a conference room. The complex includes a conference center capable of serving five hundred persons, the office for the Islamic Center, and residential facilities for the imam and muezzin.


The National Assembly Complex is the legislative building of the National Assembly, the legislative body for Federal Republic of Nigeria.[1]It was built in 1999 at a cost of nearly $35.18 million and the contract was awarded to ITB Nigeria, on February 18, 1996 through the Department of public building, FCDA, Abuja.



The Central Bank of Nigeria is the nation’s foremost and apex financial institution. In its latest Act of 2007, the CBN is charged by the federal government with overall control and administration of all monetary and financial sector policies. Its objectives also include; Issuing a legal tender for the country, ensuring monetary and price stability, maintaining external reserves to safeguard the currency’s international value, act as Banker and provide economic and financial advice to the Federal Government. The Bank has its Headquarters in Abuja and branches in every state capital of the federation.



Known to be Nigeria’s biggest hotel. Located in the heart of Nigeria’s Federal Capital, the Transcorp Hilton Abuja hotel offers easy access to the commercial district, Abuja tourist attractions. Set on beautifully landscaped gardens, the hotel offers a wide range of business and leisure facilities.


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