The millennium tower and cultural Centre project is one of a number of projects in the Central District of Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja .

At 170 metres (560 ft), it is the tallest artificial structure in Abuja.

The tower was designed by Manfredi Nicolette and is part of the Nigeria National Complex which also includes the Nigerian Cultural Centre, an eight storey, low rise, pyramid  shaped Cultural Centre.

Construction for the tower started in 2006 and was topped out in 2014 whilst the cultural centre is still under construction .

Its height root 170m (560 ft)Top floor110 m (360 ft),

The Main contractor of this project is Salini construction company .

The site is severed by a main road so the two structures will be linked via an underground arcade.

The tower consists of three cylindrical concrete pillar-like structures varying in height and linked together near the towers first peak using a disc shaped section which is intended to house in its two floors, an observation deck and a viewing restaurant.

Around the pillars of the tower three transparent stainless steel wings wrap around the base of the tower and gradually open outwards in a fan like fashion as they extend up the height of the tower.

These are one of the structures that brighten up the Abuja city landscape.

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