The Gigantic Aso Rock Of Abuja – Visible From Most Parts Of The City

The ASO ROCK is a large outcrop of granitic rock located in the capital city of Nigeria, ABUJA. 

The Aso Rock is 400-metre high & its the city’s most noticeable feature.

“Aso” means “Victorious” in the native language while Asokoro means “The people of victory”.

The Nigerian Presidential Complex, Nigerian National Assembly, and Nigerian Supreme Court are located around it. Much of the town extends to the south of the rock. 

There is a mini lake behind the rock called Pedam Lake.

The National Children’s Park And Zoo is also situated just beneath the rock.

This Rock holds a significant importance in the culture and history of the people of Gbagyi. There are a couple of local priests that look after the rock and it’s often said that to climb or enter any of the caves, you would need to take permission from the priests.

Since 1991 when the capital of Nigeria was moved from Lagos to Abuja, Aso Rock became the location of the Presidential Villa generally known as Aso Rock Villa. The Aso Rock Villa is the Nigerian Presidential Complex encompasses the residence and office of the Nigerian President. The Aso Villa is located in the Central Business District of Abuja.


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