Meet The Ordinary President

Ordinary Ahmed Isiah who has refused to be reduced to a State of origin in his identification, but to be simply known as a detribalised Nigerian was born in the early 70’s in Idanre, Ondo state to a Dangara Village father who speaks the Ganagana language under Kwali Area Council of FCT, Nigeria.

He had major part of his early years in Nassarawa (Kakuri), useful parts of his middle age spent in Kaduna. Through hard work, courage and dedication to duty, he has refused to allow his poor family background to keep his own back on the ground, even with its strong limiting factors.Her mother’s determination to see her children survive, and her child disciplinarian stance helped Ordinary Ahmad to effectively deal with youthful exuberances and their unpleasant consequences when misdirected.

Once he was of age, Ordinary Ahmad Isah ventured into journalism when it was necessary to do something productive. The marks he has made in this sector are clear indications that he came with a vision and worked hard to translate the vision into what you see today as Brekete Family

The reality radio/TV reality talk show and programs which have become a great succour to many, irrespective of social status, religion, tribe, colour or nationality. Brekete Family has also begotten Human Rights Radio/TV networks airing on 101.1 FM, Abuja.

This is the very first and presently the only 100% human rights centered radio and TV station in the whole world dedicated to giving unlimited and potent voice to the voiceless.

In a bid to reach out to all and sundry and give everyone an accessible potent platform where they can communicate and interact at the lowest levels without the usual language barrier, he anchors his program in pidgin English.

Ordinary Ahmad is the driver of the first 100% Human Rights Radio/TV station delivering outstanding investigative and developmental journalism programs and reality talk shows structured to give voice to the voiceless.

Ordinary Ahmad Isah has built Brekete to become the greatest platform of our time for people to fight for their rights and obtain justice where the traditional institutions have failed in their duties to the citizens.

His compassion for the less- privileged has endeared him to millions of people across the globe. The followership he enjoys through the Brekete radio/TV platform is understandingly fanatical.

Ordinary Ahmad Isah is popularly known as the Voice of the Voiceless, The Grand Commander of the Ordinary Nigerians (GCON), He hold two honorary Doctorate Degree of the Espam Foundation University.

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