Iconic Nigerian Beer Brand Gulder Re-emerges With New Label

Gulder, premium beer from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc ,made from premium barley, the finest hops, and the purest of water which gives it a crisp, distinctive taste has launched a new look.

Gulder has achieved remarkable success in the Nigerian market since launching in 1970 and will now be taking another step in its evolution by launching an all new label.

Back in 2014, the brand changed its look to a slimmer, distinctive, more contemporary and attractive bottle, but now with this new relaunch, Gulder will be going for an even more refreshed identity.

The Portfolio Manager, National Premium Lager, Nigerian Breweries, Olayinka Bakare explained the reason behind the new label and the brand proposition.

“We are all about inspiring our customers to live the ultimate life and be all they can be. We are a true, driven and daring brand and we wanted a new look which encapsulates all these our values. We are convinced this new look Label communicates our brand ideals better and are proud to be unveiling it.”

Revered for its unique flavour and unique taste, Gulder remains one of the top beer brands in Nigeria.

Gulder was launched in a brown bottle with a unique label design. At that time, it was the only brown bottle lager, giving Gulder a different personality from other lagers in the market.

Gulder has always been revolutionary. At inception the brand spearheaded the brown bottle lager look in the market.

Gulder extended it revolutionary prowess to the small screen with the ‘Gulder Ultimate Search’ (also called GUS). This was a Nigerian reality television series, created and sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc to promote the Gulder Lager Beer. The GUS series was also the first 100% local content reality television programme in Nigeria and its survival-of-the-ultimate concept highlighted the struggle of contestants against themselves and nature.

Launched in 1970, Gulder has not only maintained it’s trademark uniqueness that set it apart from all other beer brands in the market, but it continues to lead the search for the new and fresh to satisfy customers.

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