How Seller Crashed Customer’s Ferrari Before It Was Purchased In Abuja

A brand new Ferrari car was crashed by a dealer just in the nation’s capital just before it was purchased. A potential buyer was about to make payment for the vehicle but hours later, the dealer had an accident which resulted in total damage to the expensive vehicle. Unfortunately, the body and other parts of the vehicle were destroyed but no life was lost. The sale of this expensive vehicle will no longer proceed as a result of the catastrophic damage done by the accident.

This has ignited mixed reactions across social media platforms. The expensive vehicle is worth millions, this is why it is not much on the roads. It will cost a huge amount of money to rebrand and completely renew the expensive vehicle in order to return it to its original shape. Considering the brand of the car, such an expensive vehicle usually has costly spare parts. This is why there is a need for people to insure their properties in order to minimise the cost of damage that may occur.

Accidents are phenomenon that we have no control over it. This automobile dealer is very fortunate to have escaped with his life. Today, there are thousands of accident victims in the hospital receiving treatment, while others were not fortunate to escape with their lives. Whatever may be the case and no matter the extent of the damages, it is not too late to restart from scratch since he is fortunate to have full health.

The Nigerian Road Safety Corps is the federal government agency that is responsible for enforcing the proper use of the road. They are also charged with the provision of adequate road signs, free flow of traffic and rescue of road accident victims. Road accident has claimed the lives of hundreds of people over the years. Some of these accidents can be avoided by following the proper laid down regulations put in place by the Nigerian Road Safety Corps.

Source: OperaNews

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