EXCLUSIVE: Harden and Bron’s Board Game, SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN Launched

We introduce to you Harden and Bron’s debut board game, SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN.

The SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN game is a card and board combination game that has trivia questions on Nigeria.
There are 400 questions in all and they come in categories such as entertainment, history, geography, culture and sports. The board has consequence boxes that reflect on everyday Nigerian living- good and bad.

THE SYTYN game is a fun and educational board game for the whole family. It is great to play with, to teach with or both. The game serves to test our knowledge of Nigerian culture, history, entertainment, geography, sports and people.

Players move around the board by answering questions and rolling dice. First player to reach ASO Rock wins the game.

Cards are shuffled and set in 4 piles (by colour) in the middle of board. Each player selects a token and places it on START. Game play is clockwise.Player one takes the dice and selects a colour (player 1 can be selected arbitrarily or by rolling the dice for the highest number). The player immediately to their right picks the top card off the pile of the selected colour and reads it. Player 1 has 30 seconds to answer the question. If they get it right, they play the dice and move forward the number of steps indicated.

If the player lands on a consequence space, they obey the instructions on the space (move forward or backward, miss a round or play again). If a player fails to answer a question correctly, their turn ends and they do not move. Play then passes to the left.  Players have 30 seconds to answer a question.
End of Play Play continues until a player reaches ASO Rock. An exact count is not required to finish.


As Nigerians, preserving our historical legacies is increasingly vital as it plays a central role in understanding our knowledge and national identity.

By engaging with our culture, entertainment, geography, people, sports and ultimately our history, it is possible to explore these rich cultural, social and educational values for coming generations.
The SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN game attempts to do that in the most fun way possible.

Who knows the most about Nigeria among your friends and family? Find out by playing SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN. Have you been paying attention to Nigeria’s people, history, culture, sports, geography and entertainment? Are you confident enough to challenge your peers on who can get to ASO ROCK first?
The game – SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN is more than just a family friendly fun board game that challenges knowledge of and familiarity with all things Nigerian; It is a journey that reflects the daily Nigerian experience with it’s highs and lows.

From Sokoto to Benin, Aba to Lagos, we all share the “never say die” attitude that is the Nigerian spirit. Whether it is power failure or fuel scarcity, nothing can derail our happiness as long as we have our generators and will soon “hammer”. With SO YOU THINK YOU’RE NIGERIAN, come and experience the excitement and rich variety that we enjoy as Nigerians.

The game costs N8,500. To pre-order kindly reach @hardenandbron on Twitter and Instagram or send a mail to TEL: =234 806 0587 823, +234 805 9107 386  •


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