COVID19 Situation Report In Niger State

Niger State Commissioner of Health briefed the the Governor and the Covid19 Task-Force Committee on the following:

a) One person from the two case has tested negative, a second negative for him to be pronounced recovered.

b) A Community Case Search Committee to be established to search for suspected cases in communities.

c) Contact tracing for the 2 recorded positive cases has been done for 75 persons.

d) The Limawa primary contacts  for the first index case have exited quarantine and all 5 samples from the immediate contacts are negative. 

e) The number of signals received so far is 90 and all have been attended to. 

f) The number of persons quarantined in the State Center are 62 of which 54 are out without symptoms leaving 8 under close observation.

g) The number of persons under self-quarantine are 89, of which 84 have exited without symptoms leaving 5 under close supervision. 

h) So far the number of samples sent to NCDC is 45 and 41 results have been received. The number of positive cases are two. Both cases have had their contacts traced successfully as above. 

i) So far there has been no recorded death as a result of Covid19 in the state. 

j) The state is collaborating with NCDC to ensure establishment of a molecular laboratory for conducting testing for  Covid19 and other related diseases during and post Covid19 pandemic

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