Cool Places To Relax In ABUJA In 2019

Abuja, the nation’s capital, is not only the administrative and political centre of Nigeria, but it is also a key city on the African continent.

Apart from being a well planned city, Abuja is a beautiful place to be, surrounded by hills, gigantic rocks, and luxurious hotels.

There are expatriate communities which create opportunities to meet and hang out with foreigners.

The city is pleasant and generally known for its ambience. It boasts of wide, smooth, mostly traffic-free roads unlike any other in Nigeria.

Abuja is one of the leading commercial cities in the continent, visited by a wide range of visitors every year.

Here are a few cool hangouts in Abuja for you to visit when next in Abuja.

1. Millennium Park

This is one of the oldest largest parks in Abuja. The park is a perfect place to hang out with your partner and enjoy the calmness of the park.

You can also meet with your business partners during the week as the park has a large space and is peaceful for any kind of meeting

If you are looking to enjoy the very best of nature and a serene atmosphere for a family hangout in the weekend, the park is a perfect bet. Carry along a basket of food wine and don’t forget your blankets.

Millennium Park
2. The Trukadero Place

Do you want to go bowling? This is your one-stop for bowling activities. It is a nice distraction for kids, students and even adults. It is also a place to play other games like billiards, and other board games. If you are not in the mood to play games, it also an amusement park for families, tourists and friends, as well as a restaurant.

Location; 131B Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.

3. National Children Parks and Zoo

Though not much of a zoo as they have only a few animals, the greenery and beautiful view of nature are things to savour.

it is perfect for a weekend picnic for the family, graced with some play facilities for kids.

You can also take a stroll round the park to enjoy the amazing atmosphere, watch the beauty of nature, and pay nothing for these incredible views.

4. Central Park

Whatever type of responsible fun you are looking for can be found in the central park.

It is a perfect outdoor spot for solitary relaxation or spending quality time with friends and family, a recreational park for children and adults

Location: Plot 174 Kur Muhammed Avenue Adjacent Kebbi Hotel, Center Area Abuja

5. Jabi Lake/Jabi Lake Mall

The lake is an artificial lake in the heart of the city. Since Abuja does not have a natural beach, the lake provides you with an almost beach experience within the city.

The lakeside gives you the chilly feel, and you can also have fun with amenities like boat cruise, canoe rides and you can as well ride on horses.


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