ABUJA-Kaduna Train Develops Fault Midway, Passengers Lament Lack Of Communication

Passengers plying the Abuja-Kaduna train on Friday evening expressed disappointment over lack of proper communication when the train stopped abruptly midway to Kaduna.

The train which stopped due to a fault at the interconnected rail line kept passengers waiting for about two hours before the journey continued as tweeted by Rahila Ibrahim via her Twitter handle @Heeleroverall

According to Rahila, the NRC officials did not make any attempt to address the passengers on the abrupt stop even after a long time. The duration of time from Abuja to Kaduna which was supposed to be about two hours took over four hours due to the fault developed by the train which necessitated a train head to be moved from Kaduna to the point where the train stopped before the journey continued.

Shortly after the train started moving, an annoucement was made and according to Rahila after concluding that the Public Address System was not working, a voice came up and announced that a bag had been misplaced by a passenger without going ahead to address the passengers on why the train stopped for over two hours.

Rahila Ibrahim who spoke to Abuja Facts added that “Accountability is lacking in our country. Whenener things like this happen, there should be a way to report those reponsible and hold them accountable for their actions. The issue of maintenance of such public infrastructure is very important and the lives of passengers should not be put at risk at the expense of those who don’t know their jobs”.

Prior to the issue that occured with the trains on Friday night, it was also noted that the train developed a tecnical issue in the morning while it was leaving Kaduna for Abuja. This is not the first time a case of technical fault while the train is on transit is being reported.

In the past, passengers plying the Abuja-Kaduna rail had complain of poor service by officials especially when it comes to ticketing and also urged the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to do something about it by coming up with an online ticketing system.

There are now worries over how the trains are going to be maintained by Nigerians if a technical issue like this keeps happening while the original experts who built the trains and the rail line are still around.

As at the time of this report, no official statement has been made by the NRC on why the train stopped midway to Kaduna.

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