ABUJA FACTS At 7: “Getting Started, Making Influence, Where We Are Today” By Isa Ozo Mustapha

First of all, you need to be inspired! Don’t approach the word “inspiration” as a cliché, though. By doing that, you miss the purpose of getting inspired.

In the case of Abuja Facts, founded on August 1st, 2012. The inspiration was drawn from two vital channels: 1. Our love for the city, 2. Hearing Japhet Omojuwa speak at an event hosted by Paradigm Initiative over 3 years ago tagged #PinsNewMedia concerning grabbing that opportunity to explore the social web and use it productively for the good of one’s self and one’s world. Basically, the question “what can you do in your own little space with what you have” needs to be answered by taking action. And, we took action.

Starting out, we gathered information online and offline to ensure that the platform continues to provide facts. The breakthrough on getting a large audience came when a former FCT Minister (now Governor of Kaduna State), Mal. Nasir El-Rufai came across our tweet through an engagement from Japhet Omojuwa and Azeenah Mohammed.

Abuja Facts Twitter handle grew by almost 3,000 followers from a little over 100 in one day after this tweet


In the last 7years, asides ensuring that residents are daily dose of happenings within the city, we have been able to project the city of ABUJA in a positive light while trying to call on the necessary authorities to address the ills that affects it. Over the years, we have had the opportunity of being mentored by Pharm. Isa Rufai, Mr. Waziri Adio (Executive Secretary of NEITI), Mr. Jerry Ohikere (CEO Global Jobs Concept), Japhet Omojuwa (Lead Strategist, The Alpha Reach Company) and many others.

Through our marketing unit, we have been able to successfully help businesses grow by creating the necessary exposure for them using the different social media tools and the audience we have gathered over the years. We have promoted over 200 businesses.

As a Digital Tourism Platform, we have been able to organize fun trips in and outside Abuja. They include #ExploreBauchi2017 #AbujaCityTour #GuraraFallsTrip #RoadTripToGuraraFalls #ExperienceAbuja ETC.

Ensuring that residents enjoy exciting moments outside the hustle and bustle.

One of our most successful trips was the #ExploreBauchi2017 where
Yankari Resort experienced a full capacity for 3days. This was done in collaboration with Velcroz Designs headed by Usman Abdulhameed, Ahmed Zol Photography, Mr. Kabiru Mohammed (Bauchi Entrepreneurs Hub), Abdulsalam Khalidz Hamza with support from the Bauchi State Government.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), we have been able to provide relief materials for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and communities in need in the FCT, with support from kind hearted Nigerians.

We have also partnered with Government agencies and parastatals, civil society groups, developmental organizations in campaigns that will help better the society, promote good governance and foster peace and development.

• Getting inspired sets the tone for the real work. This led us to creating purpose and making impact. It is very important to make impact and influence, selflessly, on the social media.

The most successful social media Influencers in Nigeria and across the world today didn’t kick off thinking about money; at least not as a catalytic factor. They kicked off doing what they liked passionately. Then, that led them to making money off it. So, it’s sort of reactionary.

For Abuja Facts, we made impact by informing and engaging our followers and prospects. How did we do this?

  1. We chose our preferred channel of social communication; twitter.
  2. We made a decision to push factual content, content on tourism & history, news, information & direction about the city.

• Trust, Consistency & Dedication: We did all these consistently. Abuja Facts became more like the platform for the people of Abuja rather than a platform we created because every Abuja resident who follows Abuja Facts started acting like they owned a corporate share on the platform which allowed them to demand a steady inflow of vital content on social, mobile and web. So, with such caveat we pushed harder to remain consistent.

• Influence, Market, Amplify: Once you communicate relevance via your chosen platform with your preferred content, you get to become an Influencer. People listen to you and what you have to say matters to people within your network and beyond.

• It is important to understand the science (or psychology) behind this because it now allows you to amplify or strategically market brands, businesses, and causes without sounding spammy to your followers, most of who don’t even want ads thrown at them in raw form in the first place.

• Basically, because of the experience Abuja Facts offers and the sort of influence we have both on social and mobile, we are able to amplify brands and run campaigns for clients without losing focus on providing great content.

• We also diversified into creating workable SM and social engagement strategies for brands and agencies, manage SM accounts and train SM workforce.

• Also, we have, through our influence online, organized successful offline events and fun trips.

• The social media landscape is still in its formative stage. So, grab the opportunity to become relevant in this fast-growing ecosystem.

• There is still a lot of “unstructured noise” on the social media. Have a strategy, get on the bandwagon and deliberately engage the social web for good.

Abuja Facts have been able to come this far with the great support of followers and the great partnership between Isa Ozo Mustapha, Abdulsalam Hamza Khalidz, David Otu and Zakary Toyin. Other members of the team include Isa Mubarak (Content Developer), Paul Fashanu (Web developer), Bello Abubakar Mohammed. Moving forward, we will be operating under the following companies, Pioneer Monuments Solutions (PMS) Ltd and Time-Tell Platinum Ltd that will both cater to services mainly in Digital Communications, Events Management and Tourism, respectively. Ms. Iwelabi Mobolu is now in charge of the business management for Time-Tell Platinum.


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Written by ISA OZO MUSTAPHA – Founder/Creative Director, Abuja Facts.

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